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Under this model you don’t pay any GST on export of goods because export is Zero Rated Supply. This means that government will not charge an GST on export of goods or services. And if any GST have already been charged in earlier stages of purchase chain then it will refunded to the person who ultimately export the goods or services. This means that at the time of export sale of goods in international market, you don’t have to pay any GST on export sales transaction and hencewhatever GST you have paid when you purchased the goods from domestic market remains unutilised or unsed. This unused GST paid at the time of purcahse is called Unutilized ITC of GST  and you will get refund of such untilized GST. It was unutilized because government has not charged any GST on export sales transaction and on domestic purchase transaction you must have paid GST to your supplier at the time of buying the goods.  You get the credit in of this GST paid at the time of purchase of goods if your supplier 

(person from whom you purchase the goods) has paid this amount to government honestly. This credit is called input tax credit.or ITC. This ITC remains unutilized because you don’t have to pay GST at the time of export sales. 

Now you can get the refund of this unutilized ( unused ) ITC by applying online on GST portal in form RFD 01 online. 

For refund of tax in case of export without payment of tax, LUT model, we charge seperate professional fees.

Seperate procedure including statements, refund calculations, annexures and undertakings need to be prepared for which seperate fees is charged based on volume of transactions

2. Export of Goods under LUT but purchase of Goods at 0.1% 

Here, At the time of purchase of goods, instead of paying full GST, we GST pay 0.1%  only. The supplier will not charge the GST at full Rate (5%, 12 %, 18%, 28%), but he will charge nominal GST 0.1%. Merchant exporter is under obligation to export this goods within 90 days. Merchant exporter should mention the GST number and Tax invoice number of the supplier from whom he had purchased the said Goods. And eventually, he will also provide the shipping bill and EGM numner under which the said goods have been exported. But obviously, he can hide the buyer details in the shipping bill by scratching it out or hiding by whitener or just simply tear that part.  Simple. 


As shipping bill itself is the application for Refund of tax paid, we just need to verify that all mandatory details of shipping bill are precisely entered in return,  satisfying requirement of GST portal and ICEGATE portal, with a precondition that AD code and IFSC code is registered with customs.

In brief, there is no seperate procedure for Refund of Tax in case of Export with payment of tax.

We dont charge any seperate professional fees for Refund of Exports with payment of tax and the same is included in above service.

the registered supplier shall supply the goods to the registered recipient on a tax invoice.

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